12 Great Wedding DJ Secrets Guaranteed To Get Your Guests Grooving

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life so making sure the Wedding DJ plays the right music to keep all your guests happy is vital. Not to devalue the importance of the catering or your wedding decorations, but at the end of the day, the only thing more essential than a great wedding DJ is the bride.

Providing an auditory banquet for a multi-generational crowd requires a special skill set that not just any type of DJ can master. Whilst there may be many good wedding DJ’s, a great wedding DJ has some tried and tested secrets up their sleeves that make sure at least every person at your wedding has made a trip to the dance floor at least once. We decided to share a few of the secret strategies a great wedding DJ uses to ensure your dance floor is constantly grooving. When you read these you will begin to learn why the bride can’t stand hearing people chant "just one more song."

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12 Secrets Of A Great Wedding DJ in New Jersey

Songs That Transcend Generations

It can be a challenge to find common ground between a 9-year-old kid and an 80-year-old grandma, but the songs that transcend generations at any wedding are what a great wedding DJ calls the ‘intersectional golden shots’. "Stand By Me" is a perfect example of this because it features Ben E King for the older folks, and with literally thousands of remixes made for every generational genre since, even the kids would enjoy remembering Timon & Pumba’s rendition of it from the Lion King.

Successful Wedding DJ Tips

85% Of Guests Need To Know The Songs

While many DJs may get off on the deep cuts, a great wedding DJ knows this is not the place for showing off his B-sides. Even some of the popular songs by current well-known artists will fail to get the dance floor moving if only a small handful of people know it. So don’t expect David Guetta’s - "Everybody Dance Now" to actually get everybody up dancing. 

Changing Genres With Almost Every Song

A great wedding DJ knows how to play music seamlessly through every genre so the guests have less reason to request a song. By moving through every genre within certain time periods allows them to cast a wide net of interest with your guests. This gives them the best shot at overall satisfaction and shields against complaints. A great wedding DJ will even organize their music libraries by decade to assure optimum interest for every generation.

The Bride Is The Most Important Person On The Dance Floor

It’s quite simple really, a great wedding DJ knows that if the bride’s not feeling it, they are doing something wrong. If she’s loving it, they are immune to any criticism.

Inviting Guests Up During Parents’ Dances

The three-minute father/daughter dance can seem to go on for an eternity, however, a pro DJ knows the right move is to ask the bride's permission to invite others onto the dance floor near the end of the song. This not only cuts the tension but gets the action started on the dance floor.

Slow songs are a reset button

Slow songs are a great way to get refresh the crowd and give those who may find it challenging to keep up with the fast-paced songs to enjoy some time on the dance floor too. It is also a sure-fire way to get all the romantics to dance.

Knowing The Mom's Favorite Song Is The Icing On The Cake

Important Tip: A great wedding DJ makes it a priority to not only learn the bride and groom's favorite dance songs but their parents' too. For the bride and groom’s moms, this is the icing on the wedding cake!

Getting The Wallflowers To Dance

A great wedding DJ will keep a close eye on making sure everyone is having fun, even the wallflowers. A great wedding DJ will make it their responsibility to get anyone and everyone onto the dance floor by any means necessary.

Good Lighting And Atmosphere Is Important

Creating a good atmosphere with the right lighting and effects is critical. People will not get up to dance if the lighting is too bright. The space needs to be as dark as possible with the use of colored or special effects to create a sense of atmosphere and movement, as this will encourage people onto the dancefloor.

Requests Are Accepted, but...

The great wedding DJ's primary responsibility is to the bride and groom and protecting the vibe of their wedding, no matter how badly the groom's brother after a dozen or so drinks wants to prove that he can rap like 50 Cent. There are possibly a million tricks a great DJ has up their sleeve to dodge bad requests, however, the best one so far that tends to stop them dead in their tracks is to send the requester to the bride for approval.

Seamless Transitions Between Songs

A good wedding DJ may be good at lining up the tempos of two songs so that they transition seamlessly - this is really DJing 101. However, a great DJ is exceptional at something a little tougher to do, which is the ability to mix songs in complementary musical key signatures seamless.  

Announcing The Last Song Is Key

Announcing the last song not only lets everyone know that it’s their last chance to dance but it also undercuts the “just one more song”. Which we already know can upset the bride and groom, because most wedding venues and DJs will have overtime clauses in their contracts.

You Get What You Pay For

Whilst there are many good DJ’s out there, it takes a truly great DJ to make your wedding day something special. If you are looking for a great DJ for your wedding in or around the New Jersey area, then call our professional team at Off The Chart Entertainment and schedule your FREE Wedding Entertainment Consultation. Let us help you create a truly memorable wedding day that will have your guests talking about it for years to come.

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