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The Little Things Make the Difference; Photo Booth, Lighting, Video Screens

Photo Booth

Photo Booth New Jersey

Do you remember squeezing into a photo booth with your friends or a special someone and having your picture taken? It’s something that you may have enjoyed as a child or young adult, but maybe you haven’t said “cheese!” in a photo booth since then. One of the party enhancements that Off the Chart provides is the option to have a photo booth at your event.

Photo booths are a great way to add a bit of whimsy to your event. Not only is it a popular attraction during the party itself, but the strip of pictures that comes out makes a great memento!

Let your guests create a memento that will last long after the event is over with one of our fun photo booths.Photo booths are a great way to add a bit of whimsy to your event. Not only is it a popular attraction during the party itself, but the strip of pictures that comes out makes a great memento!

Your guests will have fun reliving their youth when they enter one of our photo booths. All they need to do is sit and smile (or make goofy faces), and within a few seconds, they’ll have photo prints to commemorate your event. Off the Chart offers three packages to meet your needs, all of which include unlimited black-and-white and color prints. You can also choose whether you’d like the photos to include initials, the date, the type of event or whatever other information you choose.

Off the Chart Entertainment offers so much in addition to your typical DJ services. Give us a call today to discuss your upcoming event.


Party Lighting New Jersey

As part of your one-of-a-kind event, Off the Chart Entertainment can provide individually programed lighting systems. We take pride in our commitment to providing the effects that you want for your wedding, party or other event, and will work closely with you to be sure that the mood, energy and lighting match the atmosphere and style that you are striving for. We’re not like other DJ companies, which may rely on pre-programmed music and lighting; everything we use is individualized and customized for your particular event.

Our True Intelligent Lighting allows us to fully customize your experience. We’ll talk about your decor and style, and we will develop a program that integrates complementary colors, speed, brightness and patterns. Packages for True Intelligent Lightscaping design begin at $400. Talk to one of our professional DJs to find out more.

LED uplighting is another option when it comes to special event lighting. We can display accent colors on the wall with various colors, patterns or your monogram or company logo. The effects can remain the same for the duration of your event, or we can computer-synchronize them for precise color change during various parts of your special event. Prices vary; simple monogram projection starts at $225. Contact us to talk about your specific needs.

When we sit down with you to talk about your event, we’ll discuss your budget and go over all of your lighting options. Everything we do is fully customized, so your wedding, corporate event or party will not be the same as anyone else’s. Enjoy having a unique entertainment package that your guests will talk about afterward when you trust Off the Chart to host your event.

Video Screens

Video Screens in New Jersey

Video Screens are another way that Off the Chart Entertainment can make your special day even more personalized. When you sit down with one of our professional DJs, you will have the option to talk about the different types of video screen packages that we provide. You’ve seen sweet photo montages at weddings, anniversary parties, milestone birthdays and retirement parties. You can have live simulcasting so your guests won’t miss a thing, or add to the atmosphere with music videos or a candid photo display.

At your wedding reception, don’t settle for run-of-the-mill; instead, ask about playing music videos on our professional-grade plasma monitors. This technology will add style and personality to your event. While the guests dance, the music videos will be playing in the background, adding spice to your party. We can act as VJs if you choose this enhancement option.

During your event, your Off the Chart DJ can take photos of you and your guests and display them on one of our plasma screens. Your guests will love watching for themselves and others on the screen, and you’ll enjoy seeing what’s going on out of your line of sight. Talk to one of our professional DJs about this multi-media experience.

Have you considered the floor lighting? Off the Chart DJs can arrange colorful dance patterns to get your guests to kick up their heels, or a display including the name of the guest of honor, the date, the bride’s and groom’s initials or other effects. Ambient video displays add a special touch to your celebration.

Contact us to find out how our plasma video screens can enhance your wedding, party, corporate event or other special occasion.


Atmosphere Enhancements New Jersey

Whether you’re honoring someone at their retirement or for their birthday, or changing your last name as you pledge your love for a lifetime, one of our custom monograms will make the perfect backdrop on the wall or the dance floor.

At Off the Chart Entertainment, we know that you want your celebration or special event to be unique and memorable. Our atmosphere enhancements are just what you’re looking for to wow your guests and have a completely one-of-a-kind experience at your event.

We use lighting and other special effects to create a mood and atmosphere that matches your event’s style. Choose from effects imitating snow, clouds, stars or other interest-capturing options.

When you allow Off the Chart to host your special event, you can be assured that it will fulfill all of your expectations.

Talk to one of our professional DJs today to talk through your dream event; you’ll be thrilled at what we can do for you!

Video Mapping

Have you ever marveled at the light and projection special effects at theme parks and other nighttime shows? Now that type of effect can be integrated into your wedding with video mapping enhancements by Off the Chart Entertainment. Give your guests something to ooh and ahh about for years to come by allowing us to design a unique and amazing video projected onto any surface... including your wedding cake!

Imagine your delight to see an image of you dancing with your beloved projected on your wedding cake. We use modern technology to bend the desired image into the correct shape to look smooth and have the correct ratio on your surface, whether you choose your wedding cake, a pile of gifts, the bride’s gown or just about any other object at your wedding reception or other special event.

When it comes to special event lighting, Off the Chart Entertainment is the only New Jersey wedding entertainment company you need. With this new offering, we add another possibility for you to consider when designing your wedding, bar mitzvah, retirement party, corporate event or other occasion. We can make your dreams come true and give you and your guests something to relive and talk about over and over again.