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So-Called ‘Best’ Wedding DJ’s - Are You Really Getting What You Pay For in New Jersey?

You want a wedding reception that no one will forget, right? Then choosing the RIGHT Wedding DJ is crucial to its success! But how do you go about choosing a DJ that is right for you?

With so many wedding Dj’s out there all claiming to be the “best wedding DJ” it can be very confusing, not to mention, overwhelming. It can be difficult trying to navigate through an industry that can excel at using smoke and mirrors to sell you the ‘best’ wedding DJ service, but when the big day comes, it does not truly live up to their claims. So how do you know if you are really getting what you are paying for?  

As seasoned professionals, experienced wedding entertainers and insiders of the industry, we have gained a lot understanding, wisdom and expertise over the years. Providing a wedding service backed by quality and integrity is everything to us and we have learned a great deal by being open to feedback, listening consistently to our clients needs, and being driven to exceed expectations. We have also witnessed a lot of cringing things that happen behind the scenes in other wedding entertainment services that would make many client’s toes curl; if only they knew in advance what they were really getting.

How To Choose The Right Wedding DJ For You in New Jersey

As leaders by example in this industry, we want to put the power of discerning choice back in the hands of you, the customer, and save you from the potential pitfalls of ending up with the wrong wedding DJ, or worse, a wedding day disaster. Here, we share our values, process and some considerations to serve as a guide for you when choosing the right and best wedding DJ for your wedding celebrations.

Our Core Values

Quality, Integrity, Commitment, Professionalism and Authenticity!

Here at Off The Chart Entertainment we pride ourselves in making these the heart of our service delivery. We want all our clients to feel comfortable with every aspect of our services. Everything from our rates, the quality of our service, our staff, our procedures, and right up to knowing exactly how we will fulfill your needs on your special day.

Our Process

  • Our first step is to talk with you over the phone to make sure you think we may be a good fit for your magical day. You do not meet with a salesperson; you meet with the owner of the business or the host of your event or both.
  • The next step is to schedule a visit to our New Jersey based studio where we provide a one-on-one consultation with you, getting to know exactly what you need for your memorable day. We will go through design plans, demonstrating themes and portfolio examples of all the options available. We then create and custom design a package specifically to suit your budget and needs.
  • We understand that a client may need a few days to digest all of this information. So if a decision is not made on the spot, we are ok with that. We will hold a date for 3 days without any formal agreements being made or deposits taken to allow you the time to be comfortable with us, your arrangements and make any necessary changes.
  • After this time frame we will make contact to see if you would like to move forward. Once agreed and the deposit is paid, we will formally book in your date and make all the necessary preparations to make the most important day of your life an unforgettable one!

At Off The Chart Entertainment we are all about our clients; unlike many other wedding DJ services, you will never hear us constantly plugging ourselves at your event.  We dress professionally and purposefully to suit your event and never show up in our own personal style like other DJs are well known to do. We ensure we have any backup equipment on hand for every single event so no potential technical issue will ever hinder the flow of your special day. We are in constant contact with you leading up to the day to ensure a truly stress-free and memorable production is achieved.

See some of our client’s testimonial here!

Want to find out for firsthand? Come meet us and our wonderful team! Call us today at (732) 375-1144 for a FREE consultation. Let us help make your wedding day one that is fondly remembered for many, many years to come!

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